Duct Fabrication

Duct fabrication and sheet metal products for heating ventilation and cooling requirements in the industry and commercial buildings as per ASHRAE standards. We also do Duct collections and exhaust systems.     SPIRAL DUCT     RECTANGULAR DUCT     SPIRAL FITTINGS     SPIRAL GORED ELBOWS     SPIRAL STAMPED ELBOWS     SPIRAL COUPLINGS     SPIRAL TAPS     SPIRAL […]

HVAC Maintenance

A/C maintanace and reparing works for all type of Chillers, package units, central split units, Mini split units, cold storage and window type A/C units for Industrial, commercial and residential refrigeration systems.Properly functioning air conditioning and heating means minimal downtime and big savings. we are offering our customers a preventative maintenance program . Our technicians […]

HVAC Contracting

Our project division is dedicated to delivering bespoke HVAC engineering solutions to a wide range of customers, and diverse customer requirements in Industrial, Commercial, Residential and other areas in optimum time and unmatched quality. All works are done as per SMAGNA.We provide total HVAC solutions covering: AIR COOLED AND WATER COOLED CHILLED WATER SYSTEMS VRF […]